International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition 18-20 septembre 2006, Povoa de Varzim, Portugal [ ||fr] Abstract : This paper presents a method for object categorization. This problem is difficult and can be solved by combining different information sources such as shape or appearance. In this paper, we aim at performing object recognition by mixing kernels obtained from different cues. Our method is based on two complementary descriptions of an object. First, we describe its shape thanks to labeled graphs. This graph is obtained from morphological skeleton, extracted from the binary mask of the object image. The second description uses histograms of oriented gradients which aim at capturing objects appearance. The histogram descriptor is obtained by computing local histograms over the complete image of the object. These two descriptions are combined using a kernel product. Our approach has been validated on the ETH80 database which is composed of 3280 images gathered in 8 classes. The results we achieved show that this method can be very efficient.

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